Jessica Stephens Jeopardy Contestant Statistics, Bio, Professions and Many More

Jessica Stephens is a statistical research specialist from Nashville, Tennessee. Jessica is a contestant of this Jeopardy game show season 38, she participated in this show for the first time on 2021-10-11.

She has become the champion twice in this game show and won $35,000 in the 2022 Second Chance Competition.

Jessica Stephens Appeared in Jeopardy

Jessica first appeared in this game show on 2021-10-11 with Matt Amodio and Jonathan Fisher, She was defeated in her first game even after winning the $28,799 amount.

  • J Round: $2,400
  • DDJ Round: $14,400
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $28,799

2022 October 17

Jessica played the Second Chance Tournament with Cindy Zhang and Aaron Gulyas and won the $20,100 amount as the winner.

  • J Round: $5,400
  • DDJ Round: $17,100
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $20,100

2022 October 20

Jessica played the 2nd Day Second Chance Tournament with James Fraser and Molly Karol and won the $28,600 amount as the winner.

  • J Round: $7,600
  • DDJ Round: $15,600
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $28,600

2022 October 21

Jessica won an amount of $5,300 in 2022 Second Chance Competition Week 1, Final Game 2. However, she gave the wrong answer to the final Jeopardy question.

  • J Round: $4,600
  • DDJ Round: $15,300
  • RJ (Answers): W
  • FJ Round: $5,300

Jessica Stephens Appeared on Champion Tournament

Jessica Stephens appeared in the Champions Tournament for the first time on Monday, 7 November 2022 and is playing with Zach Newkirk and Sam Buttrey.

  • J Round: -$1,400
  • DDJ Round: -$5,800
  • RJ (Answers): 1
  • FJ Round: -$5,800

Jessica came in 3rd place in this champion tournament and made an amount of -$5,800. However, she did not win any daily double in it.

Jessica Stephens Jeopardy Contestant
Full NameJessica Stephens
Birthday PlaceNashville, Tennessee
NationalityUnited State
Educational Qualification
Social MediaLinkedin
ProfessionStatistical Research Specialist

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