The Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Today’s Jeopardy game show is of season 39 episode 53, in which three contestants are playing today, their name is Katy Rudolphy, John Dorsey and Cris Pannullo.

Episode 53 of the Jeopardy game show is happening on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 and many people are waiting to watch this show.

Yesterday’s episode went very well for Chris Pannullo as he became the winner once again. Till now Chris has been the winner of this game show till the last 12 days.

So in today’s episode 53, Chris is facing new contestant and these two contestants can probably give him competition.

Today’s Jeopardy Contestant Name

NameFrom and Designation
Cris PannulloCustomer Success Operations Manager from Ocean City, New Jersey (12 Day – $380,881)
Katy RudolphyCivil Servant from Grand Prairie, Texas
John DorseyLoan Operations Specialist from Potomac, Maryland

The Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Today this game show is getting very interesting, all the contestants are excited about this episode. So here is the category of today’s game show.

(Wednesday, 23 November 2022 Category Is Seconds in History) (Season 39, Episode 53)

Today JP Clue

The Fortune, the 2nd ship to land at this harbor, disappointed those already there, carrying 35 new residents & “not so much as bisket-cake” (correct response beneath the contestants)

The Final JP Question November 23, 2022

Correct Answer: What is Plymouth Harbor?

Plymouth Harbor is a harbor location of Plymouth, Harbor is also called Haven. Plymouth Harbor is a beautiful place in the United States where both the sea and the city look great. The population of Plymouth Town of Massachusetts in 2018 was up to 5 lakhs.

It is the site of the first Pilgrim Settlement established in 1620. There are many things here which have become the center of attraction for the tourist, which includes Plymouth Rock, Pilgrim Memorial State Park and many more.

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight November 23, 2022?

NameWinner & Position
Cris Pannullo(What is Plymouth) (13-day total: $416,102)
Katy Rudolphy(What is Jamestown?)
John Dorsey(What is Jamestown?)

What Happened in Today’s Jeopardy Game?

Today this game show starts from the first round and the first round category.

JP Round Category: A 20th century facts production, Arrondissements of Paris, A Loud Category, A Matter of Degrees, Shared Last Names and Lose A Letter.

Chris begins the game by selecting $800 in the “A 20th Century Facts Production” category. In this, Chris gave the correct answer and moved towards $1000 in the same category.

In this, he got a daily double and by giving the answer of this clue correctly, he won $1,800. Cris then chose $600 in the “Shared Last Names” category and answered it correctly, bringing his total to $2,400.

Cris chose $1000 in “Loose A Letter” and none of the contestants could answer it.

Before Commercial Break Score:

  • Cris: $4,000
  • Katy: $3,000
  • John: $1,800

After the break, Katy continued the game by selecting $600 in “A Loud Category” and giving the correct answer, winning a total of $3600.

The final clue was $200 in the “A Matter of Degrees” category, with Cris winning $200 for the correct answer.

Score Of First JP Round:

  • Cris: $7,400
  • Katy: $4,600
  • John: $3,200

Double JP Round Category: Translators, Cities & Towns of the Bible, An “F” in Opera, Notable African Americans, Disney Do-Overs and Speech of The Dickens.

This time John started the Daily Double by selecting the $1200 clue in “Notable African Americans”. Cris won $1200 by giving the correct answer.

John selected the $2000 clue in the “Notable African Americans” category and earned him the Daily Double, But he had to lose $5000 out of $6000 for giving wrong answers.

Score Of Daily Double JP Round:

  • Cris: $28,000
  • Katy: $9,000
  • John: $5,400

Final JP Scores:

  • Cris $28,000 + $7,221 = $35,221
  • Katy $9,000 – $1,801 = $7,199
  • John $5,400 – $3,601 = $1,799

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