The Final Jeopardy – Thursday, November 24, 2022

Jeopardy season 39 episode 54 is going on today and two new contestants are being seen along with Cris Pannullo, their names are Megan Burr and Tarun Narasimhan. The complete details of this episode of Thursday, 24 November 2022 have been mentioned below.

Like the previous days, once again Chis has become the winner and in yesterday’s episode he became the winner by becoming an amount of $35,221.

In today’s episode, Cris Pannullo is going to play his Day 14 game, his competition will be with Megan Burr and Tarun Narasimhan.

So let’s see in today’s episode which is the contestant who is known to be the winner.

Today’s Jeopardy Contestant Name

NameFrom and Designation
Cris PannulloCustomer Success Operations Manager from Ocean City, New Jersey (13 Day – $416,102)
Megan BurrManager of Film Acquisitions from Originally Guntersville, Alabama
Tarun NarasimhanData Scientist from San Francisco, California

The Final Jeopardy – Thursday, November 24, 2022

Here is the information about the category and clue of today’s game show.

(Thursday, 24 November 2022 Category Is Southern Colleges) (Season 39, Episode 54)

Today Final JP Clue:

To aid transport in poorer nations, in the 1920s grads of this college built makeshift buggies celebrated in their fight song

The Final JP Question November 24, 2022

Correct Answer: What is the Georgia Institute of Technology? (Better known as Georgia Tech)

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight November 24, 2022?

NameWinner & Position
Cris Pannullo$46,600 + $25,221 = $71,821 (What is Georgia Tech) (14-day total: $487,923)
Megan Burr$5,000 – $2,000 = $3,000 (What is Auburn?)
Tarun Narasimhan$3,400 + $1,601 = $5,001 (What is Georgia Tech)

What Happened in Today’s Jeopardy Game?

First JP Round Category: Character Actor, 20th Century Champion Slogans, Revenge Lit, Near The Front of The Dictionary, Car Accessories and It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Cris started the game by selecting the $800 clue in “Character Actor” but no one answered. Cris has been playing very well in today’s episode.

Before Commercial Break Score:

14 clues were opened before the commercial break, out of which 11 were answered correctly by Cris.

  • Cris: $13,200
  • Megan: $0
  • Tarun: -$1,600

Played Clue: 14 Clue

Triple Stumper: 3

First JP Statistics Reports:

$600MeganCrisTarun(-$600), CrisDaily Double Cris ($5,000)TarunCris
$800Triple StumpersCrisCrisCrisCrisTriple Stumpers
$1000CrisTriple StumpersTarun(-$1000), CrisCrisTarunCris

Score Of First JP Round:

  • Cris: $16,200
  • Megan: $1,00
  • Tarun: $600

Number of Answer After First JP Round:

  • Cris: 19 Correct 0 Incorrect
  • Megan: 4 Correct 0 Incorrect
  • Tarun: 4 Correct 2 Incorrect

Double JP Round Category: Historical Fiction, Simply Gorges, Biology, Stars of Oscar’s Best Pictures, Take The Fifth and Double-T Words

The Daily Double started with Tarun selecting the $1200 clue of “Simply Gorges”, but the clue was answered correctly by Cris.

Double JP Statistics Reports:

PointHistorical FictionSimply GorgesBiologyStars of Oscar’s Best PicturesTake The FifthDouble-T Words
$800MeganCrisTarun(-$800) Triple StumperTarunCrisMegan
$1200Megan(-$1200) Triple StumperCrisCrisCrisCrisCris(-$1200) Megan($1200)
$2000Daily Double Cris($5,000)CrisDaily Double Cris($9,000)TarunCrisMegan(-$2000) Triple Stumper

Score Of Daily Double JP Round:

  • Cris: $46,600
  • Megan: $5,000
  • Tarun: $3,400

Number of Answer After Daily Double JP Round:

  • Cris: 35 Correct 1 Incorrect
  • Megan: 11 Correct 2 Incorrect
  • Tarun: 8 Correct 3 Incorrect

Final Jeopardy! wagering:

  • Cris: $25,221
  • Megan: – $2,000
  • Tarun: $1,601

Triple Stumpers: 6

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