The Final Jeopardy – Friday, November 25, 2022

The Final Jeopardy November 25, 2022 – Today season 39 episode 55 of Jeopardy game show is happening and there are many people who are waiting for this episode.

In yesterday’s episode, we saw how Cris Pannullo became the winner in his 14 days with $71,821 amount. Cris has just won a total amount of $487,923 on this game show.

In this Friday, November 25, 2022 episode, there are a lot of people waiting for Cris’s next game. Many Jeopardy fans have wished Cris well after his win.

Today’s episode can be very interesting and we have updated the complete details of this episode in this post.

Today’s Jeopardy Contestant Name

1Cris Pannullo – Customer Success Operations Manager from Ocean City, New Jersey (14 Day $487,923)
2Sam Papuha – Graduate Student from Edmonton Alberta Canada
2Holly Smith – Writer & Editor from Originally Toledo, Ohio

The Final Jeopardy – Friday, November 25, 2022

Here is the information about the category and clue of today’s game show.

(Friday, 24 November 2022 Category Is States & The Census) (Season 39, Episode 55)

Today’s Final JP Clue:

The 2020 Census gave Montana a second U.S. House seat; its most populous county, this one that attracts tourists, grew 11%

The Final JP Question November 25, 2022

Correct Answer: What is Yellowstone County?

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight November 25, 2022?

NameWinner & Position
Cris Pannullo
Sam Papuha
Holly Smith

What Happened in Today’s Jeopardy Game?


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