The Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Final Jeopardy November 30, 2022 – Hey guys welcome to a new article in this we have updated full details about Jeopardy Season 39 Episode 58. You can see this information by scrolling this article.

Episode 59 of this game show is going on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, which many people are waiting to see.

In this game, on giving the correct answer to each clue, you get a winning amount, while on giving a wrong answer, the same amount is lost.

As we saw in the last episode, once again Cris Pannullo became the winner by defeating all the contestants. Cris has won 17 day games so far and his total winning amount is $610,344.

So in today’s episode we will see two new contestants, their names are Jeannette Bonjour and Randall Rayford.

So wait and watch Who Won Jeopardy Tonight November 30, 2022.

Today’s Jeopardy Host

Jeopardy ShowKen Jennings

Today’s Jeopardy Contestant Name

1Cris Pannullo  Customer Success Operations Manager from Ocean City, New Jersey (17 Day – $610,344)
2Jeannette Bonjour – Retired English Teacher from Kansas City, Missouri
3Randall Rayford – Solar Project Developer from Houston, Texas

The Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, November 30, 2022

(Wednesday, 30 November 2022 Category Is Flags of Our Hemisphere) (Season 39, Episode 58)

Today’s Final JP Clue:

The stars on this country’s flag represent states, 26 of them; unlike the USA’s, its “federal district” gets its own 27th star

The Final JP Question November 30, 2022

Correct Answer: What is Brazil?

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight November 30, 2022?

Here Is Fj Results:

  1. Cris $28,800 – $1,221 = $27,579 (What is Mexico) (18-day total: $637,923) – WINNER (Right FJ)
  2. Randall $12,600 – $0 = $12,600 (What is Venezuela?) – Second Place (Wrong)
  3. Jeannette $3,600 + $3,000 = $6,600 (What is Brazil?) – Third Place (Wrong)

Cris, Jeannette and Randall are playing very well in this episode. Jeannette and Randall are overjoyed as this is their first game on the show.

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