Zach Newkirk Jeopardy Contestant Statistics, Bio, Professions and Many More

Zach Newkirk is an attorney who hails from Arlington, Virginia. Zach is the contestant of season 36/37 of this Jeopardy game show and he has been the 6-time champion in this game show.

He has been watching this game show for a long time and has got another chance at the Jeopardy Champion tournament.

Zach Newkirk first Appeared at Jeopardy

Zach was first appeared in this game show on Season 36, 2020-06-09, with two contestants named Morgan Wilbanks and Shelli Castor.

His score in the first round of Jeopardy was -$200 and in the daily double round his score was $9,400. In the final round, he answered correctly, due to which he got an amount of $8,401.

After this, he became the winner in his first Jeopardy by making an amount of $ 17,801.


In the next episode, he started the game with Steve DeWitt and Joanna Pratt. Very well given all the answers After the first round his score went up to $5,400. After the daily double round, his score reached $21,600.

He answered the question correctly in the final round, after which he got $5,199. He became the winner by winning the total amount of $ 26,799.


It made its game debut in the 3rd episode with Iman Shervington and Jennifer Kosmin.

His daily double round went very well but he gave wrong answers in the final Jeopardy round, even after which he became the winner by winning the amount of $21,074.


  • J Round: $2,400
  • DDJ Round: $10,000
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $19,995

2021 January 28

  • J Round: $5,000
  • DDJ Round: $23,600
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $25,201

2021 January 29

  • J Round: $4,800
  • DDJ Round: $17,000
  • RJ (Answers): W
  • FJ Round: $14,001

2021 February 1

  • J Round: $6,400
  • DDJ Round: $9,700
  • RJ (Answers): W
  • FJ Round: $7,399

In this episode he was playing with Allie Sibole and Steve Crupi, but Zach lost in this episode and Steve became the new champion instead.

Zach Newkirk Appeared on Champion Tournament

‘Zach Newkirk’ has been selected for one more time in the Jeopardy Game Show Championship Tournament.

Zach is scheduled to play in this champion tournament on Monday, 7 November 2022 and will be accompanied by Jessica Stephens and Sam Buttrey.

  • J Round: $2,200
  • DDJ Round: $5,200
  • RJ (Answers): R
  • FJ Round: $5,728

Zach Newkirk More Information

Zach Newkirk is an Trial Attorney at U.S. Department of Justice, Voting Section. Currently it lives in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

After completing his Master of Arts from Duke University, he completed his studies of “J.D” from Duke University School of Law.

After completing his studies, he worked as an intern in many organizations and companies, including Allen & Overy, North Carolina State Board of Elections.

He was a law clerk in the U.S district court for 2 years. Apart from this, he was also Associate – Political Law Litigation for more than 2 years in Perkins Coie LLP.

Full NameZach Newkirk
Birthday PlaceArlington, Virginia
NationalityUnited State
College/UniversityDuke University School of Law
Educational QualificationJ.D
Social MediaLinkedin
ProfessionTrial Attorney

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